Valley of Boga; In the Valley of Boga at least there are three closely related , extreamly narrowing stages:

Boga strait starts directly from Bulbuci fount and this is the left by-pass river of Boga characterized by wildness and inaccessibility. The direction of the valley determined by the steeps and abyss of the Piatra Ciungilor and Piatra Cainilor that characterized by a lot of waterfalls and jumps.

The Valley of Oselu starts from a fount that locates from the lower side of Piatra Ciungilor and creates a valley like a funnel. The well-known place of interest, the Oselu waterfall is located in the hillside of Piatra Ciungilor.

Valley of Boga starts from the same-named fount that have huge run-off. Another symbol of this area are the upward Boga stones. Visitors can discover or reach the romantic and somewhere impassable territories from this valley.

The Valea Rea can follow from a dirt road at a short section. The hill-side is plucked by this cave after a sharp curve: difficult to pass by, because there are many waterfalls, curious ruins under way to the Plateau of Horgas. The Valley of Plaiului located at the right side of Pietroasa-Padis. This valley heads across spectacular canyons. The passage is difficult because of the gaps, debris, caves and waterfalls.